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We’re here to help you put a pinch of magic in your life!

Welcome to The Wizard Of Food, where we will help you make informed decisions about everything food related. We are a team of food product researchers, who have been tirelessly searching for the best products around for years now.
We started this company as a concise solution to all the problems we have faced ourselves, that being tirelessly researching the best food products around! We know how frustrating it is when you just want to grill up a nice steak or make some pancakes for breakfast, but instead have to spend hours reading reviews and comparing prices on different griddles and BBQ grills.
We want to serve the widest demographic of food lovers, from the avid to the seasoned, we want to bring everyone together with the magic of food, and live the best grill wizard life!

Our mission is simple

We want to bring you all the information you need on different Griddles and BBQ Grills so as soon as you see one that catches your eye on TV or online, we can tell you whether it’s worth investing in or not. And if so, where exactly can you buy it? We’ll do all that research for you so that when it comes time for shopping (or just browsing), you’ll know exactly what’s out there and what’s worth buying!

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