best way to season a blackstone griddle

How To Season A Blackstone Griddle?


Now that you have bought the Blackstone Griddle, plan to cook a scrumptious feast for your family. Just wait!

What I am about to tell you is the important step which you haven’t heard of. Don’t worry, you came to the right place.

Before you fire the Blackstone Griddle for the first time, ask yourself whether the griddle is pre-seasoned already or if it is required to season them before first use.

The first question that comes to mind is what seasoning is and why it is important in the first place.

Let me make your life easier so that you don’t have to browse around the internet looking for answers. In this article, I will explain the concept of seasoning, and also you will learn the art of seasoning through the step-by-step guide.

Now let’s jump to the first and foremost question!

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What Is Seasoning?

Seasoning creates a non-stick coating which is scratch resistant on griddle’s cooking surface. It not only helps to prolong the life of the griddle but also protects it from rust and to avoid the leftover food to be stuck to the surface.

Basically, while heating the oil on the griddle beyond its smoke point, the oil breaks down and fats bind together to form a coat on the griddle’s cooking surface. Simple!!!! Imagine yourself cooking a delicious meal but hating yourself when washing it.

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Importance Of Seasoning

Seasoning helps create a protective layer over the cooking surface of the griddle, which protects against humidity, water, and other environmental aspects. The coating prevents the food from sticking to the surface and protects the griddle from rust, which helps the griddle last well in the future. After you season for the first time, the more you cook the food using good oils, the better the stick-resistant layer becomes. It also adds flavor to the food; you will taste the meal as it is meant to be.

Seasoning it for the first time is a little hassle but it’s worth it. Trust me!
Emma William

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Seasoning Your Griddle

Essential Items You Need

Before you start to season your griddle, the following is the list of essential items that are required:

Bucket Of Warm Water
Heat-Resistant Gloves
Paper Towels
Blackstone Seasoning & Conditioner Or Any Oil Of Your Choice
Dish Soap Or Soap Powder

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Let’s Season The Baby!

Wash And Cleanse

After unpacking your griddle, the first thing to do is wash the griddle. It’s super easy. Fill the bucket with warm water and add dish soap to it. Pour the soapy water into the griddle while rubbing the surface with the paper towel. Rinse off the griddle with clean water and dry the surface with a clean paper towel.

Note: Only wash the griddle with soap if it is brand new and you are pre-seasoning it for the first time.

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Blackstone Seasoning & Conditioner Or Any Oil Of Your Choice

Choose your preferred oil or Blackstone seasoning & conditioner, whatever is convenient for you. The only suggestion you need to keep in mind is that the oil you choose needs to be rich in fatty acids, which will help create a thick layer over the cooking surface.

Blackstone seasoning & conditioner is recommended option, but apart from that, you can choose any of the following oil:

Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Coconut Oil
Vegetable Oil
Canola Oil

Pre-Heating The Griddle

After cleaning your griddle, turn the burners to the maximum to pre-heat the griddle. This is where the griddle top is darkened. After turning the burners to the max, let the heat do its thing. After 10 to 15 minutes, you will see the griddle top turning brown. That’s where you turn off the burner.

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Oiling The Surface

Apply a light layer of any oil of your choice on the griddle. Use paper towels to spread it all over the surface.

Use the tongs to hold the paper towel in order to avoid getting your hands burned on the hot griddle surface. Ensure the oil forms a thin layer over the surface without leaving any dry spots. Gently wipe the remaining parts of the griddle, including the corners, edges, and sidewalls.

Don’t use too much oil, as a thick layer will not last long and get cracked quickly.

Fire It Up Again

Turn on the burners again, sit back, and watch. The griddle plate will start getting blackened while blowing the smoke. Let the griddle burn until all the smoke disappears. Usually, this process takes up to 15 to 30 minutes.

Repeating The Process

Don’t get frustrated. Trust me; it’s important to repeat the process to let the griddle last long in the future. So be patient and get over it. Grab the oil again, pour it gently, and smoke it again. Repeat the process 2 to 3 times until the griddle plate turns dark brown. That’s what we call a well-seasoned griddle.

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Final Move!

After the griddle has turned dark brown, let it cool a bit. Now use the paper towels and wipe the entire surface with your choice’s final layer of oil. This will protect the griddle from rust and oxidation. That’s it. You did it. Woohoo! Your griddle is well-seasoned and ready to use.

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Useful Tips For Seasoning Your Griddle

Always wipe down the griddle to keep it moist and free.
Never use scrubbers or abrasive cleaners to clean your griddle.
Always pre-heat and season your griddle by applying a thin layer of oil before every use.
Store your Blackstone griddle in a dry place to protect it from rust, dust, scratches, etc.

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The Main Question: When Should You Season The Griddle Again?

Since you have pre-seasoned your griddle, just cooking on the griddle will add a seasoning layer. However, in between your usage, you can apply a thin layer of oil to protect the griddle. This will help you maintain a perfect and long-lasting coat while making the food tastier and griddle stick-resistant. That’s about it. Well done.

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